League Information 2020

Tuesday Morning Ladies
First date of play will be on May 5th starting at 9:15 am. Teams will be drawn for the scramble and tee off at 9:30 am. Additional play can be done after the scramble. More info at the first date of play.
Friday Morning Seniors
The first date of play will be May 15th starting at 9:00 am. The cost is $30 per player with a $3 daily fee for prize money. The scoring used is a modified system using points for eagle, birdie, pars, etc. This is open to all members 50 yrs of age and older. You need not be present every week.
Sunday Couples
This league will begin on May 31st. We are exploring the idea of both early (1:00) and late starts (4:00). This will be determined by the number of interested teams. Please sign up before May 15th. The cost for the league is $40 a couple. This is a scramble league and is handicapped.
Wednesday Mens League
The first two weeks of play will be split between Tuesday and Wednesday to see how the social distancing effects play. The Early group will do Tuesdays and the Late group will do Wednesdays. Cost is $75 per player and covers prizes, weekly skins and some food offerings.
Each of these leagues handle their own finances.
Please make payments to the appointed leaders.​

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